Our Services & Philosophy

You will never have to do it alone. 

FRCA offers more 1-on-1 interaction with your counselor than any other recovery center in Acadiana. You’ll have the partner that you deserve to make every day count. We understand that sometimes you need that one personal relationship to get you through the day and we’re happy to offer you that.

If you commit to us, we'll commit to you.

Our counselors see their patients’ recovery all the way through from beginning to end. We stick by your side, offer you the hand up that you need, and help you plan and execute every goal along the way.

Trust in a better future.

The program is realistic. The program is patient-friendly. The program works. But it’s up to you make better things happen today.

Know that you have complete control.

We understand that not everyone recovers at the same rate or on the same program … Everybody has different needs. Your plan should be customized to make your specific recovery process as resolute as possible.

Know your threshold.

FRCA’s outpatient program is as intense as you need it to be. You can tailor your experience to the level of moderation that you think you can handle. This isn’t to say that the program is a cakewalk, but we understand that every individual possesses their own level of commitment. 

Experienced guidance is the key.

FRCA has been a part of Acadiana for more than 20 years. We’ve established a reputation in the local community for our professionalism and standard of care, and we’re proud to make good things happen for you.

It's not easy, but it is worth it.

Continuing the cycle is effortless, but braking the cycle is one of the hardest things you can do. But once you’ve reached your new beginning, life itself will feel richer.

Your success is based on your commitment.

Once you become a part of the process, the process will become a part of you. FRCA is not the conventional healing machine. You are in complete control of your recovery, and you make the choice to progress.